Dr Willem Pretorius

The team describes Mel as having a 'let's do' attitude, where her boundless energy and commitment to give 100%, inspires them to believe in themselves and give of their best. She energises through her enthusiasm, creativity, and unwavering loyalty to her team.

She loves being busy and productive but, in contrast, the idea of lying in lapping water on the beach in Mauritius, with her husband and two daughters nearby is Mel's description of a perfect day!


Dr Roelf Opperman

The team describes Tracey as the steady, reliable source of help and advice; a quiet diplomat, with an admirable work ethic and tenacity, balanced with a wonderful sense of fun.

Tracey is passionate about numerous different things that life has to offer, from a Nia dance class to a game of golf! So describing her perfect day could be quite a challenge. But picture a deserted Thai beach at sunset, someone wrapped in a sarong, camera in hand feeding her soul through the shots she is taking...


Ds Liesel Krause-Wiid

What our team loves about Owen is the way he bounces into the office, like a breath of fresh air! Always positive, genuine, and a great listener, he lightens the mood.

A perfect day for Owen includes a great breakfast (“eating fuels the soul”), discovering the potential in just about everything, avoiding traffic, and finishing with a good party!!


Ds Drian Viljoen

We know when we deploy Deborah to run a programme for a client, she will immerse herself in it, and give the delegates a learning experience to remember! With her infectious sense of humour, Deborah is gifted at bringing life and energy to any programme she runs, and drawing the best from the people she coache


Ds Frans du Plessis

It's hard to imagine that someone with such a wild sense of fun, could possibly be effective as Operations Director. But he is! Owen has an astute business mind, infectious enthusiasm, and an inherent gift to inspire trust through his ability to relate to just about anyone. It is all of these attributes that also make him a highly effective facilitator.


Me Liezel Landman